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about yaak

Combining art and technology, Yaak applies his creative insight and profound knowledge in tools such as A.I. networks and blockchains to create art pieces and installations that dissolve the barrier between the physical and virtual worlds. Crypto Art, Metaverse installations and Generative design projects are some of the experiences purposed by the artist, born in Rio de Janeiro but self-declared a proud metaverse native and resident.
about the studio

Yaak Studio is an innovation lab built on the frontier between the physical and digital worlds.

Yaak Studio is a creative hub with diverse skills and backgrounds. Lead by the creative vision of Yaak, we create, develop and produce artistic explorations, design projects and digital experiences as proprietary initiatives or in partnership with brands and creators.

We are metaverse natives and our aim is to develop mechanisms and ideas that inspire more people to explore, discover, consume and engage with the exciting opportunities and experiences this new environment has to offer. Technologies such as NFTs, Blockchain, A.I. and metaverse instalations are some of the tools we use to deliver new, engaging stories and experiences.

We have a deep connection with technology and innovation, but an even greater passion for sparking emotions and sharing stories, whether it be in the physical or digital worlds. Especially because they won’t be separate for much longer.
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